Precision is our profession


For Over 40 years, S.S. Industries has built a solid reputation for excellence partnering with clients and working in parallel to provide viable solutions to its customers. At S.S. Industries, we specialize in manufacturing a variety of high precision machined components and fuel injection system components.

Consistent start to finish product excellence every step of the way, our products meets stringent standards for strength, durability and precise contours to perform flawlessly in sustained operations. We have the design-for-manufacturing expertise to enhance performance and cost-competitiveness of our customer programmes.


In the Year 1963, a young entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in engineering sector, Late Mr. P. Kathirvelu started S.S. Industries.

With a solid foundation of engineering and extensive knowledge that he gained as a high profile employee at Hindustan Motors and MICO/BOSCH for over a decade, this firm was established with strong business ethics, professionalism and a commitment to provide quality products to the Industry.


Nature and the environment
S.S. Industries seeks to be a pioneer in environmental protection, by minimising environmental damage and by developing, promoting and utilizing environmentally friendly technology. Our facilities have been recognized for reclaiming nature areas creating natural habitats and enhancing biological diversity on company-owned land.


S.S. Industries employ quality inspection by standards and methods developed with the experience of decades in conjunction with ISO and other customer requirements and continually striving to find the best practice method to assure quality. S.S. Industries is progressive company that makes customer satisfaction and on time delivery a vital focus of their business. S.S. Industries believes that it has to stay ahead in the industry for certification in all areas of certification.